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Friday, July 26, 2013

Much of Pope's message ignored by lame stream media as matter of "National Security"


The main (lame) stream media for the most part tried to ignore the most important part of Pope Francis' message in Brazil. Though in many cases it exists in the headline "Pope urges Catholic faithful to shun materialism" the body of the article ignores that message in favor of focusing instead on drug abuse.

Why would the establishment / corporate media attempt to ignore the message to "shun materialism"?

Because the United States #economy, as well as much of the rest of the world, DEPEND heavily on unabated consumerism and the accumulation of ever more #debt to survive [hence the lust for those Chinese consumers]. Like it or not our bogus, strictly debt based, #fiat manipulated, economy depends on the debt slavery / serfdom of the many to benefit the few.


Definitions of #consumerism on the Web:

the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial

Consumerism is the equation of personal happiness with consumption and the purchase of material possessions


I have written pretty extensively on the evils of consumerism two of which can be seen here and here.

And here is one article I found which gives a bit more attention to this important message.


RIO DE JANEIRO — Hundreds of thousands of Roman Catholics packed Rio's Copacabana Beach on an unseasonably cool and stormy night for an encounter with Pope Francis, who again implored the masses to turn toward faith instead of materialism, a recurring theme of his week-long visit to Brazil for World Youth Day.

"Possessions, money and monetary power can give a momentary thrill, the illusion of being happy, but they end up possessing us and making us always want to have more," Francis told the crowd.

Continue reading "Pope urges Youth Day crowd to spurn materialism"

Please, beware the seven deadly sins, they are very real indeed..


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