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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I've about HAD it with this SHIT! #Target me?! Or what?! #FX #trading WEIRD SHIT! #conspiracy


Before you go running around looking for this clip BEWARE!

I heard about this on twitter & ended up on beforeitsnews.com to see an article about it.. Once on the page my computer was attacked by a virus (which my virus software caught).

Yes two episodes WERE edited together to SHOW the connection but the video was NOT a hoax! The episodes are very real.

In two separate episodes, in one Peter kills people at the Boston Marathon & in the other he teams up with a terrorist who sets off two bombs on a bridge.

It seems not only has FOX pulled the episode but SOMEONE is apparently attacking those who would even dare seek to read about it..


Fox pulls “Family Guy” episode after Boston Marathon bombing

A viral clip that showed Peter Griffin detonating two explosive devices forced the network to act VIDEO

Among productive messages of hope, inspiration and unity arising from the Boston Marathon explosions, there have, unfortunately, been some less helpful reactions — one being a conspiracy theory from conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones, who claimed that the media knew about the bombing in advance. His proof? A doctored clip from the March 17 “Family Guy” episode, “Turban Cowboy,” in which Peter Griffin wins the Boston Marathon (by running over marathon participants in a car), and later befriends a terrorist whom he unknowingly aids in bombing a bridge. Though the two events are unrelated in the episode, the clip edited the scenes to make them seem connected — a “prediction” of the bombing.

As the edited clip began to circulate on social media, “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane was compelled to respond:


Seth MacFarlane ✔ @SethMacFarlane

The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims.
12:16 PM - 16 Apr 2013


In response, Fox has pulled the episode from Hulu and Fox.com.

View the edited clip here:


And.. it's not ONLY this virus attack that happened to me today..

Awhile back, a few months ago, I had adjusted my FX #trading system to a point where it seemed to be consistently producing nice profits.

I tweeted my trades more or less live as I have always done on twitter. And the gains were pretty remarkable at the time.

Then I was verbally attacked and ridiculed over my current trade at the time, for days, by a twitter using trader (who I will not mention by name here) AND began experiencing computer problems.

Not one but BOTH of my MT4 [demo] accounts were reset to default and all my templates were deleted. ALL of my browsers stopped working. My machine seemed crippled.

To make a long story short I ended up having to junk my computer and replace it with a new one.

Fast forward to this week and TODAY..

After suffering through what, at one time, was about a 15% drawdown on a large amount (for me) of AUDJPY shorts I rallied back in the end to close the trade + about 1,700 pips (this includes leverage, cumulative pips for each lot held). And today I tweeted my USDJPY & GBPJPY shorts which produced about +650 pips this morning.

After my PC was attacked by a virus for daring view a story about The Family Guy my Windows start menu programs all VANISHED from the start menu and my trading software crashed and reset everything, including charts, to default.

This crap is SO f'ing scary that I have in the past and am again considering NOT tweeting my trades on twitter and / or NOT using twitter at all.

Yet I wonder.. Even if I were not on twitter would these strange attacks continue based solely on what I do on my computer and what I do with my trades?

I cannot "lay blame" on any particular person or entity for these strange and spooky attacks. But it seems to me that there may be a lot more in my (and maybe in yours too) computer than I am aware of..

Seems a LOT of weird shit is going on right now.. #BostonMarathon bombing, ricin in the capital..

Be on alert, pay attention to WTF is going on..



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