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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Who TF IS Jon Corzine anyway?


So.. this, former politician named Jon Corzine, started an "investment" firm and (though I'm certain it had nothing to do with his political "connections") he somehow managed to land the "coveted" title of Primary Dealer. A special, elite, group of banks who get to deal directly with the esteemed Federal Reserve Bank (apparently a public / private corporation? The power elite? God? WTF?)

Awarded such a prestigious honor he proceeded to blow up his "investment" company costing his clients 1 billion dollars (of worthless fucking fiat).

Thence the investigation ensued..

Hence, some 10 months of intensive investigation later, apparently no criminal charges will be filed.. (though I'm certain it had nothing to do with his political "connections"). Apparently Mr Corzine's only "mistakes" were poor business management..

So now I see he may use his poor business management "skills?" once again in opening a new fund?

Anyone remember when Martha Stewart went to PRISON for doing, essentially, nothing at all?

I sure hope this helps explain to people why I call them all bastards..


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