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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

If you would do this you belong on #Stupid #Island


I have expressed a desire before to round up any / all stupid people and deposit them on an island somewhere so they can no longer F things up for "normal" people..

Like they did with credit card debt and housing purchases..

I got some "prescreened" mail the other day.. I could, optionally, OPT-OUT but I don't..


Because I enjoy seeing the offers made to "fools" and I have a desire to make as many corrupt corporations as possible waste as much fiat as possible sending me stupid snail mail. Hope to God it comes right off their bottom line..

Anyway.. this last one was from SUN Loan Company.. Far from the first one from these ridiculous bastards..

This is one of those outfits that will loan fiat to anyone with a pulse (No credit? Bad credit? NO PROBLEM!)

The offer I got in the mail actually HAS (though in small print) the APR listed on the front of the letter (no doubt required by federal law).

What is it?

Apparently that depends but it says the APR will range somewhere between 52.62% to 159.18%

If you would do this we will see about getting you a ticket to Stupid Island as soon as is humanly possible..


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