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Thursday, February 23, 2012

NEVER buy a #commodity #ETF! $UNG Where TF is the SEC and / or the CFTC on this theft?!


I feel like many if not most ETFs are designed, by large banks no less, simply to steal money from people.

UNG has lost 50% of it's value over the last 12 months and 96% of it's value since inception (2007).

So now they are doing yet another reverse split to get the price back up well above the 5.00 level so they can take it down for 4 more years!

The funny thing about ETFs is it seems through the magic of reverse splits you can lose 100% of your money over and over and over and over..

My hope is that you can learn from my mistakes and this was a BAD one.. Never trust any commodity ETF because not only do they NOT track the underlying asset at all they can go to practically zero, do a 4 to 1 reverse split only to go to zero all over again and they have the ability to continue to do this over and over. Where TF is the SEC and / or the CFTC on this theft?!

My mistake was counting on zero.. As the price of a commodity drops and drops forever you can always have the comfort of knowing that a commodities price will never go to zero. Think again!

With a commodity ETF you can be long, go to zero, reverse split, go to zero, reverse split, go to zero, forever! It's like being short. With reverse splits you can lose 100% of your money x WHATEVER!


Here's the story

Natural gas outrage of the day

"What is the point of having commodity tracking ETFs if it is to artificially boost their reference price through reverse splits just because you think that the quoted price does not look sexy enough? "


Why UNG Is Worst Investment in the World: Opinion

"While there may be a terrific appetite for investors afraid or unwilling to engage in the futures market to bet on prices of natural gas or crude oil, there is really no good way to represent these commodities like stocks. Most of these ETFs are programmed to fail."


UNG Sets 4-For-1 Reverse Share Split <-- source "U.S. Commodity Funds, the company behind some of the earliest futures-based commodities ETFs, is planning a 4-for-1 reverse split on its United States Natural Gas Fund (NYSEArca:UNG - News) to pump up a share price that has fallen by more than half in the past year and by nearly 96 percent since its high in the summer of 2008." ---


And here is a google search "ung cftc sec" Where TF are the SEC and CFTC on this fiat stealing bastard?!

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