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Friday, October 28, 2011

My brother-in-law in Arkansas (who is also my cousin lol)


Hey.. it's not incest or anything.. He just married my wife's sister is all ;)

When he and I were kids we used to listen to this album (yes album lol) of the 1967 Cardinals.

So anyway.. he has this good (life long) friend who works for this company who owns blocks of St. Louis Cardinal baseball game tickets..

So this friend invited OJ (my cousin) to go to World Series game 6 in St. Louis with him!

The lucky bastard ;)

The friend had to go back to work on Thursday so the plan was for my cousin to drive all the way back so he could sleep and be ready to go to work Thursday morning.

So they head out Wednesday, for St. Louis. A little more than a 5 hour drive.

And they get within a half hour or so of the city and find out the game has been canceled due to weather!

So they turn around and drive back to Harrison Arkansas (they never intended to stay over anyway).

So 10 hours round trip and then Thursday they got to do it all over again!

At least they got to see a fantastic game in the end

I'm sure he's happy.


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