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Friday, April 29, 2011

There R many more out there who, as I humbly try my best to do, speak the #truth..

You too can, and, IMHO should, follow all of these people on twitter ;)


Special mention to my fantastic trading friends.. All of these people know their craft very well.. If you are relatively new to forex trading I think you would be hard pressed to find this much trading knowledge anywhere else on the net. Follow these traders but more importantly listen to them.. Find out what is important to them & why? And how is that expected to effect market prices.

Trading forex is f'ing hard, at least it seems that way to me LMAO Be careful and protect your capital. Go slow and learn from some of the best in the business by following everyone in this list.

#ff @50pips @RemixTrades @attechfx @fx_13 @tradethecycles @trader1806 @faithmight @tweeterTrades @KevinMHughes

@InEgoVeritas @caseystubbs

#ff @4xguy @butchbelano @esoap @zenig @JS_Trader @forexsucker @faaaal @Pipstealer_ @cristo1 @TraderCisco @gregmikeFX


#ff @PipCzar @FXDIRK @elliottwaves @BlitzFX @shinobi_brian @celtic_mist @shenno @bondscoop @fxAlHabib @patrickfxm


#ff @themarketsniper @VictorZubarev @Yeeron @neo761 @The_Real_Fly @silverguru22 @Ms_Pips @kjfxmonk @davidpotts101

@melmaro @currensee

#ff @capflowwatch @markettrend @GPhatter @smundy666 @SapiTrade @FibinIt @PippiPips @milktrader @fxretracer @marketmvr

@Quantisan @arxitekt

#ff @SEK_bonds @leanco @RenaTrader @PowerLineTrader @adask @NicTrades @MeetPips @4xtr8r @Rrudram @Deano5050 @doyoutrade


#ff @SimonKloot @bearishtrader @brasil61 @800PiPGorrila @alcandoFX @sansicarioalto @RossJaklikFX @DRodriguezFX @mptrades


#ff @innerfx @Andres_vahopski @LeeGrins


And, as a F'ING FREE! bonus, A fantastic list of people who truly strive to see and understand the truth about what is going on around us.. And it turns out there is a lot going on! LMAO

#ff @exposingthelie3 @HoodedMan

#ff @jongery @zahadoom @Poet_Carl_Watts @seekblunttruth @politicalsun @BastetAsshur @we_r_legion_ @rockingjude


#ff @zerohedge @newspyre @Truth2Freedom @delbertino @playjt @Imgross @ResistTyranny @infowars @dprogram @solmc

@mika2k1 @PavolHollosy

#ff @Libertana @Emergentculture @GaianCollective @GreeGreece @tahDeetz @unicornmajik @CFHeather @DrkIntellectual

@reactionariez @DalaiLama

#ff @Papa_Shango @NextNewNexus @CelticFire69 @heywho @ChasingTao @LotusFlower2012 @BACFA @fedupjeff @adrigonzo

@OctavianD @Ali_Macdonald

#ff @DailyReckoning @cfrazierjr @fiatcurrency @vaxen_var @AbolishTheFed @notalemming @GodsofLiberty @infowarsstories


#ff @World_First @politiconomic @libertyideals @Financialinfos @CNSNews_Com @tradingfloorcom @AmericanBanking



And there are a few liars and cheats around as well.. Be careful who and what you believe..

#FF @philadelphiafed @SFFedReserve @AtlantaFed @stlouisfed @RichmondFed @BostonFed @ClevelandFed @DallasFed @NYFed_news


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