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Friday, April 29, 2011

Extended Unemployment is the Socialism


It's painfully obvious, to me, what extended unemployment checks are about. It's NOT about helping you put food on your table or some grand "humanitarian mission".

If it had stopped long ago, or were it to stop now, consumer loan defaults would skyrocket..

Corporate bankruptcies

[More] Bank failures

The collapse of teetering insurance and health care industries

A collapse of student loans

Forget about housing.. it's dead already..

A collapse in revenue for everyone up the food chain all the way to Washington

In the local paper here I have been seeing layoffs increase lately. freeman Hospital and I saw a week or so ago Tyson is letting go 10% of their work force in Kansas.

Unemployment claims jumped (surely unexpectedly lol) just this week and not looking good for the last three weeks.

Dollar is making new lows, markets, metals and commodities making new highs.

I'm telling you this looks like some sort of bomb to me.. And, to me, it looks like it could go off any time now..

In the mean time, I'm thinking about getting a day job just for the guarantee of a lifetime income! LMAO

So how long CAN government and the FED / Central Bankers keep all of this artificially propped up?

Longer than *I* thought for sure..


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