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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How TF do you go from the best #FX #trader on the planet to the worst instantly?!


I seem to experience this SAME f'ing cycle over and over.. I don't get it.. I don't f'ing understand it..

I know it must be me!

I have "periods of time", maybe hours, maybe days, maybe even weeks or months where I can do nothing wrong.. Where every trade I take turns to gold. Where I am 100% convinced that the so-called trading "system" I have come up with is completely indestructible.

About the time that happens I seem to experience the other end of the cycle. Where I can do nothing right! Where every trade I take goes against me & stays against me..

I work my ass off trying to be a great FX trader. But to date (some 5 years later) it still seems I have nothing more than "flashes of brilliance".

Quickly followed by a tour of the depths of hell.

It HAS to be me! I MUST be doing something different. Adding when I am wrong, chasing. Not properly understanding price action. Missing SOMETHING!

I have said before that it seems to me like the Primary Dealers (who control 73% of FX volume) have a switch titled "Fuck anyone stupid enough to be in the market".

It's either on or off and all my trades seem to depend on it's current state.

My whole life I have ALWAYS been able to overcome all obstacles in anything that I truly desire to do. I have never failed. I HATE failure!

Yet with FX I may go along great for weeks at a time and then give it all back very quickly.

It's not unusual for me to hit a dozen or more trades in a row right. It happens. I sometimes make 100's of pips in a day or even in an hour or so..

For months everything I have done worked very well.. I was achieving my "goal" which is simply consistent winnings over weeks and months, an account that merely "moves in the right direction".

I'm in the dark now.

And I do not understand how I can go from seemingly knowing exactly what will happen next to never having a f'ing CLUE!

It makes me sick, physically.

Is it really nothing more than a rigged gulag casino?

Does manipulation by "the powers that be" make profitable trading an insane dream?

Fuck if I know..


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