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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Considering a minor system #change #FX


What I would miss by not having 4 EMA "tunnels" would be the bullish & bearish visible "twists" (See previous charts). But in reality it is normally the 200 (actually 196 in my case) EMAs that I am most interested in. This possible change seems "cleaner".

Crap.. since I posted this I already made more changes but I'm too lazy to redo the picture right now.. lol

The white m5 line, 49 EMA, (in the picture here) is now gone replaced by a 62 EMA.

So my EMA settings in total are now dashed blue line = chinkou off 2, 5, 5 setting, white dashed line = 13 EMA, yellow dashed line = 62 EMA, green solid line = 200 EMA (current time frame), solid blue line = 800 EMA (approximately h1 200 EMA), solid red line = 3200 EMA (approximately h4 200 EMA).

Time frames represented are dependent on current time frame. Those listed here are specific to an m15 time frame.

M5 time frame would be represented as (near) m1, m5, m20 & m80 200 EMAs, hourly would = m15, h1, h4 & h16 200 EMAs.

Confused yet?


Enjoy your holiday traders!

Click for larger image

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