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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#Credit card / #debt #slave offers - F #Citi - Wake up sheeple!


I got TWO identical offers yesterday from Citi (which I love because I want every bank to waste fiat sending me mail as often as possible..)

LOW intro APR for 18 months on balance transfers and purchases

They are even NICE enough to say how they WANT you to use the card!

0% introductory APR on your purchases

Use your card every day, for everything you need - from gas and groceries to clothing, Mobil phone payments, household expenses and more - and pay zero interest for 18 months from date of account opening.

After that, the APR will be 12.99% - 19.99% variable, based on your credit worthiness.


It appears, to me anyway, that not only have banks NOT changed at all but they are STILL desperate for cash and willing to do ANYTHING to get ahold of YOUR fiat via debt slavery!

Here we see how Citi encourages anyone / everyone to use their credit card for ALL purchases.

Unemployed and facing not only foreclosure but unable to put food on the table or clothe your children? Let Citi help you out! They are giving away FREE money! WOOHOO! It's free for 18 months anyway.. unless.. ONE of your payments happens to arrive a day late.. then it's billable at 29.99% interest! Even though the banks themselves can borrow the SAME WORTHLESS FIAT from the Federal Reserve at 0.00 to 0.25% !!! What a f'ing deal THAT is! Borrow fiat at 0.00% and loan it back out at 13% to 30% !

USURY sucks! Don't DO IT anymore!

These "offers" are 10 times worse than an ARM (adjustable-rate mortgage)! Your interest rate can skyrocket from 0.00% to 30% OVERNIGHT if you're a day late on your payment (or a payment doesn't clear)!


Don't forget Citi was / is a big player in the whole foreclosure (CORRUPTION & FRAUD) debacle!

Here's What Citigroup Said Today About Foreclosure-Gate And Mortgage Repurchases

Don't forget ALL the Too f'ing Big To Fail banks are thieves and they are ALL still playing the SAME debt slavery games and they're EVEN BIGGER NOW!

I hope the days are past that people fall for this debt trap BS!

They obviously WANT unemployed people to get a credit card and max it out for normal living expenses while they wait patiently for a late or returned payment which allows them to instantly bump the interest rate to 30% meaning anyone dumb enough to fall for this crap is at that point likely doomed to be a debt slave for life. Unless they file for chapter 7 bankruptcy.

My own suggestion to you, if you do happen to be struggling, is to get as many of these cards as you possibly can and max them ALL out with NO INTENTION of ever paying back the f'ing fiat!

Don't use them to buy food, gas and clothes! Use them to buy physical gold and silver to the max! (Please see disclaimer at bottom of page).

Buy your gold and silver on credit, hide / bury it, and file for chapter 7 bankruptcy!

Credit and fiat are NOT the same thing! Gold and silver are at least REAL!


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