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Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Its human nature and its psychological proven fact: we humans are a social animal and we seek other peoples approval by showing them we are just like them.

Hence, it follow if everyone is saying the same thing we naturally have a tendency to agree with everyone else. Following the crowd is the easiest and safest option- we have less chance of look foolish or the odd one out having a different opinion from everyone else. After all, they can't all be wrong. Yes its safe to say we have the need to be liked and like everyone else and not be in the minority. In general we are conformists. Even the non-conformists are conform to other none-conformists. Ask your self who do you follow on Facebook or Twitter? The answer will be in general you follow other people like yourself who have similar interest and opinions.

Call it a human flaw if you wish but this flaw has been exploited by Cameron and co via the help of his buddies in the media- by giving the impression that "everyone" knows and its a given fact that the last goverment created the financial mess, deficit and they created biggest debt and deficit in the whole wide universe. This a not a knew strategy by the Tories. No, it was last exploited by Thatcher and her friends in the media by constantly telling us the people want or believe a certain thing and the people expect and want us to do this that another etc etc. Its not a technique they invented either- they stole the idea from a gang of unsavery characters in the 1930's- there are no prises for guessing who.

People in the media like to sanatise it by calling it spin but does it really matter how they label it when the technique and its intended results are the same- to conform to a opinion in order to sell their policies.

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking. George S. Patton.

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