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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guest Post: Fundamentals and Market Manipulation | From our good friend @ATTechFX


Silver oil and all other commodities were dumped the last couple of days and I think sometime you need to find the reason why to put it in perspective.

There is a lot of talk about deflation and inflation and analysts all have reasons and explanations for that. Do I care? No not at all.

Why well what can be deflation in one part of the world could inflation in another part of the world.

Some of you know I wrote an article about the markets every day for 3 years but stopped with that because of the fact people want to stay stupid and against manipulation it’s hard to fight.

I predicted the fall of the banks in 2006-2007 and much more.

When you are the best poker player In the world but all others cheat you cannot win.

Just a few simple facts.

Printing of money causes inflation no matter with what kind of hocus pocus you come up with in the end it will break and bust.

1 billion Chinese also want the steak we eat, the coffee we drink, the energy we use and lots more. This will cause inflation as well.

There is only one reason for the decline of commodities the last couple of days and there is only one reason why it went up.

Commodities are going up not only because of inflation but the main reason is mistrust in governments and banks. Gold you can place under your bed something you can’t do with a piece of paper that says you own so much. Yes you can but what do you have? The promise of lying #bastards (#copyright Greg) like banks, governments and other financial institutions you own something!!!

The fast rise in commodities is a sign people are waking up and in the past banks with the ok of governments because they are one told you, you can buy a house or whatever with only 10% own money. Now this is all backfiring against them ( the loss of confidence in money they can manipulate so easy) so they change the rules and tell you, you now need 30% of your own money and tomorrow they will bring it to 50% and so on. But the seeds of war against money are already planted and can’t be stopped anymore.

Don’t forget when you have gold under your mattress it is very hard for them to tax you on that. It has no number and no chip. And when many people start to realize this the whole system will collapse.

You can’t trade on these facts because you can’t fight manipulators but you can buy solid stuff like gold and silver when it gets to lows again. Never forget this.

My head is spinning and want to write again but it has no use because people want to stay stupid and against cheaters it’s hard to play.

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  1. I agree, silver triple digits in no time. http://archive.aweber.com/sku_newsletter/1Y.Ms/h/The_False_Myths_of_Gold_.htm