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Monday, March 28, 2011



Since the government, FED, banks and corporations INSIST on maintaining the status quo ponzi scheme world economy that they themselves created *I* say GIVE IT TO THEM! ALL of it for them and them alone!

Ask yourself "WHY is it that they want to keep a failed system in place so badly?" "What IS the upside of doing so and WHO benefits?"

They, all of the afore mentioned, find themselves in desperate need of one thing and one thing ONLY!

YOUR MONEY! Revenue! Fiat!

It does not MATTER that it is all merely an illusion! Zeros and ones that exist only on the balance sheets of super wealthy elites. Those fiat dollars still exist only because of the extraordinary actions of the same CRIMINAL Federal Reserve Bank and world wide Central Banking system who have systematically, intentionally, DESTROYED the value of their fiat currencies. And for whose gain I ask?!


Or their own?

Their debt based ponzi scheme economy collapsed for good in the fall of 2008! They are liars and deniers!

Let them HAVE it! Let them continue to loan imaginary money back and forth among themselves as they are doing now. Our money is no longer real, if it ever was.. It is CREDIT, easy credit, that has driven our economic system for decades now.

Fiat is easily manipulated by those who control its creation. It is manipulated to enrich the elite and for no other reason.

(The currency of the United States of America is worth 4% of what it was when the Federal Reserve Bank was created in 1913! That's right.. it has lost 96% of it's purchasing power!)

So give it to them! Let them enrich each other WITHOUT destroying us in the process!

Do your part!

If you find yourself hopelessly BURIED in debt, living the life of a debt slave, file chapter 7 (ONLY) bankruptcy! If you don't have enough debt to file chapter 7 DO NOT file chapter 13! Raher get some MORE DEBT! Go buy two or three more CARS at outrageous interest rates! Anyone and everyone can buy a f'ing CAR SOMEWHERE any time they like. The auto dealers, new and used alike, are WORSE than the sub-prime mortgage lenders! Get more debt! You will have the satisfaction of helping the economy in the short term by using CREDIT. Then with the added debt you can qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy and have (almost) ALL your debt excused!

Don't ever forget that CONSUMERS ultimately control the COST of all items! NOT the Federal Reserve Bank. In America consumers represent 73% of the economy by.. consuming!

Consuming is a simple choice! When/if consumers stand united and clearly say F*CK YOU! I'm NOT paying that much! Then prices can do NOTHING but DECLINE!

America is NOT the middle east! Those poor people spend in excess of 50% of their income on food alone.. They cannot DO much to help control costs because they HAVE to eat.

We, however, in the industrialized west, DO have both CHOICES and POWER beyond imagination!

Please use that wealth and power wisely to benefit all of humanity.. NOT corrupt governments, central bankers and the banking cabal, greedy and corruption corporations. The choice is yours and yours alone..

We control our own purse strings and we are the "wealthy" nations of the world.

They want a "green" America.. Give it to them! Don't GO on vacation! Don't STAY in hotels! Don't EAT in restaurants! Don't BUY cars and houses! Don't GO to concerts! Don't BUY iPads, iPods, iPhones! DROP your cable TV! DROP your yard service!

Make a game of SAVING money, not wasting it on self gratification.. Stop SPENDING money altogether and prices WILL DECLINE for they must..

Sure the FED will introduce QE3.. So what?! Let them continue to PLAY WITH THEMSELVES!

Above all else.. DO NOT BORROW their manipulated, worthless, paper, fiat currency!

Please.. help put a STOP to this insanity once and for all.. I promise, you'll be glad that you did..


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