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Thursday, August 19, 2010

#WalMart & #Pizza #Hut Trickery

Maybe you have noticed Wal-Mart's recent advertising campaign.. Of course they always claim to be the 'low price leader'. But their most recent advertising campaign explains to consumers that Wal-Mart is cutting/lowering/reducing prices on thousands of items. 'Save money, live better' they claim..

How then does Wal-Mart explain 'this report' that finds Wal-Mart's prices have RISEN, not fallen, over the last few weeks? While Wal-Mart is loudly proclaiming, no doubt accurately, that they are 'lowering' prices on thousands of items, apparently, serendipitously, overall prices are headed higher, not lower..

One other observation to note here on the often deceptive marketing practices of retailers.

A few weeks ago Pizza Hut was advertising any large pizza, including specialty, any toppings, any crust for $10.00. A good deal.. So we got one.. We got a large bbq pizza add pepperoni, bacon, onions and mushrooms (Try it!) Price 10 bucks! That was about 3 weeks ago...

Fast forward to a day or two ago.. We were primed and ready to do it all over again lol

We were still hearing the Pizza Hut ads on TV and radio and they were still talking about large pizzas for $10.00 so we didn't think anything about it.. So not realizing the ad had actually changed we called and ordered the same pizza we paid $10.00 for about 3 weeks ago..

The price for that pizza now? $20.00!!! That's a 100% price increase in one pop!

Turns out even though the ad still sounds eerily the same as the previous ad now Pizza Hut is heavily advertising what they call their 'simplified pricing' structure.. So the NEW ad is actually something like Any large up to 3 toppings for $10.00, Specialty pizza $12.00. Additional toppings $2.00 each.

So now the SAME PIZZA we just paid $10.00 for was now calculated as $12.00 for bbq (specialty) with 4 additional toppings at $2.00 each = $20.00!

We ordered Dominoes.. We also complained to Pizza Hut about their confusing 'simplified pricing' structure and received a $20.00 credit at the store ;) Which we used tonight.. before they had a chance to LOSE it..

So watch those retailers! They are 'talking' like they are giving everything away while at the same time drastically hiking their prices!

They're trying to put a dollar into one of your pockets while sneaking $2.00 out of another one.

So, I guess the raging inflation vs deflation debate continues.. I'll be damned if *I* have the answer.. I just get more confused by all the trickery everyday..

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