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Monday, August 16, 2010

#Political #Economic #Manipulation

Lets piece this thing together and *I* think we might see yet another clear indication of intentional political economic manipulation in an election year.. The information presented herein is from an AP story from Sunday August 15th, 2010..

Said article begins.. "Now that the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history has effectively been stopped, the White House is considering an early end to its moratorium on deepwater drilling." -Emphasis added

It goes on to discuss the fact that very little has actually changed as far as the safety of offshore drilling itself..

And, we are reminded, "Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has halted deepwater drilling until Nov. 30" (after the election of 2010, stick with me there is a point to this).

Here's the opposing argument (isn't there ALWAYS one of those?)

Some energy experts, engineering consultants and Gulf Coast leaders joined Big Oil to ask Salazar to change his mind. Drilling was safe before the BP spill, they said, and Gulf communities that depend on the industry were suffering unfairly. -Again, emphasis is mine..

And.. *I* think most importantly.. "Billy Nungesser, president of hard-hit Plaquemines Parish, La., said he's seen attitudes change in his community now that the deepsea disaster is easing. Even though oil has been washing ashore for months and he's fought constantly with BP and the government over their response, Nungesser thinks the ban should be lifted. Offshore drilling means jobs."

And finally this.. "According to the most recent state data, the oil and gas industry supports more than 320,000 jobs in Louisiana and generates more than $12.7 billion in household earnings."

Now.. if we look at these things logically we see that if this 'drilling ban' is lifted 'early' it would provide a nice boost to some economic numbers on it's own as we see.. By adding up to 320,000 jobs & 12.7 billion dollars to the economy. And those numbers are for the state of LA alone..

It is my own personal opinion that the drilling moratorium may have been planned political posturing from the beginning. Designed to provide an added 'boost' to what Democrats had hoped would already be an economy showing some signs of improvement on it's own.

These things aren't really that hard to figure out.. Obviously it would be a big boost for Democrats going into the 2010 election if there were a strong economic recovery underway in the Gulf Coast.. And obviously, to me, it isn't that difficult to manipulate such an event when/if YOU are in complete control over the fate of 320,000 workers and 12.7 billion dollars in wages..

Here is a link to the original AP article.. Learn to read between the lines..


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