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Thursday, July 31, 2014

For those who purchased #ProfitableFX (is it millions yet? LMAO) here's a #trade walkthrough in charts


Here is the EURUSD m15 chart on which the m1 long correction trade was based

--Click charts for larger image--

Where / why the (long) entries were set up

Trade progression

Closing the trade

Trade aftermath


I sincerely hope everyone who has purchased #ProfitableFX is having a positive experience with it. Feedback & questions are always welcome, please address to @Ancient_Warrior on @twitter

If you have not yet purchased ProfitableFX you may do so here for ONLY $5.99 worthless USD #fiat! It clearly explains how to set up and use the system and includes many charts.

Why so cheap?

Because it is my personal desire to get this winning system (I'm doing about 80% winners & about 2,000 pips per month) into as many hands as possible because it's our best way to get back at those thieving Too Big To Fail (Jail) #Banks and the Primary Dealers who control AT LEAST 73% of forex volume!

When if there is sufficient demand I hope to produce an "Essential Fibonacci" document at a later date which would explain in full the proper use of fibonacci.

Thanks and best of luck everyone


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