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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some [economic & otherwise] discussion between a good friend & I


Some discussion between a good friend & I..

You are on the right track & asking the right questions..

"Then there is this deflation I don’t really understand. Energy prices are up. CL still moving around at high levels and NG over time coming from 1800 all the way up to an average 4500. This would be inflationary in general even without QE. So where is this deflation and where should we see it. I am sure as hell it’s not in prices when housing prices are not taken in account."

I think FED (central banks) are USING commodity prices to stop the deflation that the world's economy requires to heal. Think about it.. What better way to create inflation than to keep everyone's input costs very high? When / if you are a business you cannot lower prices due to deflationary pressures when your input costs remain very high. So the easiest way for central banksters to control prices (price stability my ass) is to control commodity prices. All developed economies are carbon based.. when oil prices stay high there is NO WAY anyone can reduce prices without taking losses & no one wants to do that.

"TV’s and stuff out of china could be deflationary but that is just a part of the whole package."

This DOES NOT COUNT! I have looked at & thought about electronics a lot. The standard "rules" of supply & demand do not apply to electronics at all. Why not? Because the "supply" of plastic & cheap electronics can never be an issue. This is why the electronics sector acts in a way that is the REVERSE of supply & demand.. In other words the more "demand" there is for a (cheaply manufactured) plastic/electronic gadget (ie; iPhone, etc) the lower the price goes.. New technology that has not very much demand is very high priced.. That is the OPPOSITE of how true supply & demand works. I mean think about it.. Retailers constantly give plastic away for free.. (plastic bags, plastic trays, plastic buttons, etc) Plastic is very cheap & can be molded into ANY shape desired. Supply & demand does NOT apply.. It's a trick #they have come up with. An inexhaustible supply of junk made from plastic that sheeple are dying to own to help the NSA SPY on them.

"Its all about the next step. Will it be war so we can start over the whole cycle like we did after WWII or is it going to be something else??"

WWII was an entirely different situation.. Back then nearly everyone was a sheeple & governments, including Germany, could play the patriotism card & the sheeple would follow. I don't think it's like that anymore. When Obama wanted to bomb Syria the American people said very loudly NO, no more war! Patriotism still exists but it has changed as people no longer trust their own governments. It is much easier now to see the pure propaganda #they spew out for what it is.

"Will the Sheeple except a raid on their money by the IMF or do we have to wait until the common man realizes pensions are gone."

#They will, and are now, come after the worthless fiat in an attempt to keep the ponzi game going, yes. The status quo will stop at nothing to retain their own power & wealth. And "stop at nothing" means what it says..

In the end I say the economy / capitalism REQUIRES deflation to flush the greed & corruption from the system but that CANNOT be allowed by the elite / status quo because if we had real deflation the entire existing status quo system would collapse and there is simply too much at stake for the power players for them to allow that to happen.

So yes.. it is likely war that will be tried next.. Mostly so governments can dramatically increase spending and support large industries directly..

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