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Monday, April 14, 2014

A "comment", found on the net.. #ClivenBundy

Hmmmm.. things do seem to be getting "interesting"..


Comment found on the net below this line..

Assume that some of the new "Patriot Help" arriving in Nevada under the guise of militia are actually a few govt Jockeys dressed up like average Joe's to gather intelligence, create confusion, and basically gum up the works.
For a push against the American people, they chose the ground well. Deserts and plains are shit conditions to fight in, especially for new folks. It is an entirely different form of warfare than urban fighting, or even rural or mountain fighting. Open ground is a big no-no for infantry types of operations, especially folks without heavy ordinance, and there's little in the way of cover. We are going into the hot season there, and easy access to water is also a factor. Open ground with little to no cover makes patriots vulnerable from attacks via air. Of all of the terrains America has to offer, THIS terrain is the LEAST preferable or hospitable one to our purposes. An accident of fate? Me thinks not.....
If they come back for another push? Some ways to combat this?
1) Open new fronts ALL OVER AMERICA SIMULTANIOUSLY. If they attack our people, then a state of war exists. And every building that houses feds OR supports them needs to be seiged. Every last jackass that collects a federal paycheck or carries a federal ID will now be the enemy of the American people, I don't care if they're custodians, secretaries or cafeteria workers. They do the SUPPORT WORK THAT ENABLES THIS BALLBAGGERY, so they are every bit as guilty as the douches on the ground that are endangering American families. If they do federal bidding in ANY capacity, they are FEDS. Period. Their DEGREE of service no longer means dick.
2) Afford these jagoffs NO MORE ANONIMITY. The names, addresses, email addresses and such, of EVERY JACKASS on the ground in Nevada needs to be posted ALL OVER THE NET. As each incident occurs, ALL federal players need to be outed. No more anonimity! No more hiding behind masks, or no ID on their shirts, screw that. Anonimity is one of their greatest assets in subjugating us, and that needs to be taken away from them in short order. I wish i was more technically astute, as i have no idea how to even come across this kind of info, but i'll wager SOMEBODY OUT THERE in this network knows how to shake that kind of info loose, or knows someone that does. Wanna stop em dead in their tracks? THIS is the way to do it. They will be hesitant to shoot at OUR families when thy know that THEIR FAMILIES are on the line as well. That may smack of dirty pool, but hey.... WE didn't initiate this; THEY did. We didn't come after them, THEY came after us, and now present a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to American families.
The time for combating this nuisance via our intellects and reason is over....... If they come for our people, not an argument made on their behalf that pines for restraint, compassion or compromise...... They will have declared war on us.
My comments and sentiments can easily be viewed as controversial, and may be a tad aggressive for some tastes. But if they are about to declare all-out war on Americans, we had damn well better be ready to respond in kind, and quickly.
8 hours ago

--- end comment

Strange days indeed..

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