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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I have been looking for this for a long time --> The DNA molecule and Prayer


I truly believe obtaining the ability to properly use our DNA is the key to.. everything..



by Glenn Kimball - source link

Posted: 17:00 April 20, 2007

People have asked me for years why it is that I have had so many experiences with the heavens when they haven't. Of course there are many of you who tell me that you are experiencing the same kind of phenomenon in your lives. However, I would like to address the question.

I think we all understand that there is a price to pay for contacting the heavens. It isn't something you can merely ask for and expect to receive for the asking, though the Lord chooses us all from time to time, on His own schedule, to intervene in our lives. However, how can we ask the questions we think we need, and get the answers?

Remember the class on Knowledge where we talk about the extensive nature of the DNA computer. 95% of the space on the DNA molecule goes apparently unused and is often called 'Junk DNA' by scientists. Nobody disputes that this DNA is doing something, but scientists have yet to discover what it is. That 'Junk DNA' can be used in a prayer-like mode to discover the secrets of the heavens. Everything you want to know is located in the computer God has given you, or is accessible by that computer. It is a matter of learning how to access that information inside of you and to use that computer to contact the creator who made it in the first place.

In addition scientists have yet to discover the specific location of our consciousness within the brain. The reality is that the conscious is not a specific part of the body, but is located in all the parts of the body. We tend to think that because we see out of our eyes that the conscious is located in the head. However, there have been prophets who reported to have been able to see out from the tips of their fingers and toes and behind them. There are people who have returned from a near death experience and reported to have been able to see from various parts of their body as well. That changes everything. The conscious may be possible anywhere DNA, or its spiritual counterpart, is located.

The truth is that the DNA molecule is much larger and more sophisticated than any computer on earth. There are those who fear artificial intelligence, which was the subject of a coast to coast program the night of September 1st 2007. I had to laugh because man doesn't have anywhere near the ability to construct a computer like the one we already have within our own body. If we could keep our minds quiet enough to use our personal computer we would find thousands of savant-like abilities, including working with numbers, remote viewing and travel, witnessing the future and the past and seeing through the eyes of someone who has already lived on the planet. By the way that is the confusion over the reincarnation fallacy. When we see through the eyes of someone else who has lived on the planet, we tend to think that it was our past life. That is a very arrogant and erroneous thought. Most of what goes on inside our head doesn't originate with us. We take things too personally. We have an overwhelming need to own everything we think. One of the greatest secrets to learning how to get an answer to prayer is to learn what thoughts belong to, and originate with, us. When we learn to recognize what I call the voice of the 'other' it is the first step in recognizing the answer to a prayer. It isn't that hard. We know the kinds of things that we know. We remember our experiences. If something is happening inside our head that we didn't experience it is something else. It may seem confusing at first, but it is based on some very simple principles. We all hear our own self talking to ourselves all the time inside our heads. However, most of us don't stop long enough to differentiate that voice we hear that is inside our heads that isn't us at all. That voice can be amazingly articulate and amazingly the voice of someone else.

In order to get the answer to our prayers we must have the ability to remove the agendas from our minds. The conscious of the mind is like the RAM in a computer. ROM is the part where all the information is stored. But it is the RAM, or central processing unit, where the work of the computer is being done. DNA works the exact same way. Most of the DNA acts like ROM memory, while no scientists can tell you the location of the RAM or the conscious mind. In this month's class on the conversation Jesus has with Peter, Jesus tells us how to get our prayers answered. It is perhaps the most profound message I have ever heard in my life. Amazingly it was found in China along side the writings and teachings of Confucius and the Tao. Jesus tells Peter what we all need to do in order to have the ability to get the answer to our prayers. He doesn't say it that naively, but that is exactly what he is telling Peter. See A Conversation between Peter and Jesus found in China.

The August 2007 Class is now available. This is one of those classes that can have a bigger impact in your life than any material possession. It could cause you to depend on prayer, just like I do. It could be your largest source of information on any topic you choose. It could bring you very close to God.

One of the classes for this month is hosted by Robert Van Arlen. He is featured on the cover holding up the world. He is an amazing speaker and a very close friend of Chase. He also is very well connected in the scientific world. We are glad he was willing to host one of the classes that we wrote. To topic is on the secret of the year 2012 and the Maya Calendar. Most of us have heard a great deal on this subject, but then again most of us are confused as to what is really going on. We have no idea that the calendar was shared by the Chinese. We have no idea about the Masonic messages on the disk and the Temple Protocol explained by the calendar. Lastly, we are worried that the end of the world will come on Dec. 21st 2012. That is simply not true. However, that date does foretell of a very close global disaster that will make global warming look like a case of the hiccups. For the first time you will understand why this will happen and what will happen. This isn't prophecy here. This is science. See The Secrets of 2012.

The last of the classes is my favorite. It deals with the origins of the kings of the Old Testament from the African records. These are stories you have never heard before. For me it is another evidence of how much knowledge still exists in ancient texts, which survive in our day. It brings tears to my eyes to think that God didn't leave us stranded. We are the ones who allow ourselves to get lost. See The Secrets of the Ancient Kings of the Bible.

If nothing else you will learn for the first time the history about the origins of Rome itself well beyond the mythologies we think we understand. This is pure fun.

Don't forget to browse the bookstore while you are at the site. We are going to put some new books up soon and take down some of the others. It is time for you to make sure your collections are complete before we move on. Books at Kimball College.

I have some final comments on prayer. My uncle, the most gifted spiritual man I have ever known, told me that if we aren't praying for at least fifteen minutes a day, we aren't praying enough. Then he said if we are not listening for at least half that time, the stupid person is doing all the talking. I have taken the time to go to the desert to pray for a couple of days like the ancient prophets did long ago. If you haven't done that in your lives you have missed the greatest experience in your lives. When it all started to happen for me it came so fast I thought I was in a race. I almost starved because I simply didn't want the experience to end. If you don't know if God exists, take the time to clear your mind and take the advice of Jesus from the Class and go and try it for yourself. Many of you who finally do that will find you have no more need of me, except to share your experiences. Don't miss this month's classes. What will you say to God when he asks you what you did to learn about this world? Will you tell him that you had to clear up a few matters before taking the class? Will you tell him that you were writing a book at the time, or had to worry about your job? Remember the parable of the talents. Will you have buried yours and return them to God unused? Put it in gear this fall. There are things that will surely happen that will find you wanting if you don't. Fill your lamps and be like the wise virgins. When you have it going for yourself then you can jettison guys like me and do it for yourself.

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