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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What some in #congress thought about #usury in 1892



Thursday, March 24, 1892


We demand an industrial currency that shall overthrow interest, for to our mind, in the language of another—

Interest is usury.
Usury is robbery.
Usury pays no taxes.
Usury posseses no soul.
Usury never works.
Usury produces nothing.
Usury consumes everything
Usury pays no doctor bills.
Usury never goes on the battlefield.
Usury lives in fine houses that labor builds.
Usury wears fine clothes that the laborer fashions.
Usury concentrates wealth.
Usury undermines free government.
Usury mocks at liberty.
Usury makes the rich richer.
Usury makes the poor poorer.

Usury mocks God, wrecks manhood, destroys womanhood, stifles childhood, and robs humanity. It is the Upas tree that is poisoning the whole
fabric of free American Institutions. It is the giant of giant robbers, threatening every phase of our national life and demanding toll on every dollar's
worth of production. Let the ungodly thing be banished from our midst and
labor be brought at once to the front.

Herein lies the whole contention.

Mr. Speaker, we lay it down as a proposition that can not be
successfully controverted, and one that the Eleventh Census
corroborates, that high interest, high transportation, and high
tariff ha\^ greatly impoverished one section of country while
they have built up another; that banks, railroads, and manufacturers are controlling the distribution of wealth in this country
to-day. Let facts be submitted to a candid, thinking people.

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