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Friday, February 1, 2013

You don't have to pay for #ObamaCare OR pay the damn tax..


Here's what the #government says #ObamaCare will cost you in 2016..

IRS Anticipates Cheapest ObamaCare Family Plan Will be $20,000 in 2016

Aiee! CNS News found this tidbit (hat tip furzy mouse), contained in IRS final regulations published on January 31. Now admittedly these are examples for the purposes of illustrating how to make various calculations under the new regulations, but the assumptions are pretty clear. The cheapest type of plan in ObamaCare is a bronze plan, and bronze family plans for 4 and 5 person families are assumed to cost $20,000 in 2016.

First see this section on p. 53:

Read more at http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2013/02/irs-anticipates-cheapest-obamacare-family-plan-will-be-20000-in-2016.html#zGgcOJgkRSeXeHwl.99


I figure a "healthy" person who does not run to the doctor with every little sniffle can likely get by paying their own healthcare costs as needed for something close to maybe 500.00 a year! We all have a little problem here & there but usually nothing that you can't pay off over a little time. So not a lot different from buying a car on credit, for instance.

Over the last 10 years or so the wife and I are out about $2,000.00 TOTAL for healthcare.. But even at 500.00 per year 10 years would be like $5,000.00 in medical costs. Upon the arrival of 2016 your government expects you to pay an #insurance company (NOT healthcare providers or professionals) $200,000.00 over that same 10 year period!

So the easy way out of having to pay what is HALF your income to a lot of people is to be very vigilant about your taxable status!

The way to NOT pay for ObamaCare OR the tax is to refuse to buy in in the first place AND make SURE your W-4 is setup in such a way that you recieve absolutely NO tax refund as your tax refund is the ONLY place the government can seize the penalty / tax from you.

As seen highlighted below the bill itself lays out the fact that the IRS is NOT allowed to come after you, at ALL, for non-payment.

Administration and Procedure

Under section 5000A(b)(2), an individual liable for the shared responsibility
payment under section 5000A must report the payment with the individual's Federal
income tax return for the taxable year including the month or months for which the
payment is owed.

Under section 5000A(g)(1), the shared responsibility payment is payable upon
notice and demand by the Secretary. The shared responsibility payment is generally
assessed and collected in the same manner as an assessable penalty under
subchapter B of chapter 68 (sections 6671 through 6725). Unlike the assessable
penalties, however, the Secretary may not file notice of lien or levy on the taxpayer's
property for failing to pay the assessed shared responsibility payment. Further, a
taxpayer may not be subject to criminal prosecution or penalty for failing to pay the
assessed shared responsibility payment in a timely manner

1. Maintenance of Minimum Essential Coverage and Liability for Shared Responsibility
The proposed regulations provide that, for a month, a nonexempt individual must
either have minimum essential coverage or pay the shared responsibility payment.

etc, etc, etc.. (here is the source to the whole document if you want to wade through it)


We flatly refuse to pay it on principle alone in this household. Regardless of what the Supreme Court says about it's constitutionality.

However, besides that fact, it is quite obvious to me that the ONLY reason this #law came into being is as an effort to protect National Security. When / if people refuse to buy insurance, because it is much more expensive than what it is designed to cover, then the entire system becomes at risk of collapse. Like it or not insurance companies and the entire medical industry are systemically important economic bubbles. Just like the banks were / are. Were the healthcare industry, including huge insurance and drug companies, to fail then it would all collapse rather quickly. And the politicians in Washington, along with the central banks, will do ANYTHING to preserve their strictly debt based ponzi scheme status quo economy, their OWN wealth and power.

If that entails stealing fiat from YOU then that's what they will do!

Now.. I MUST say that these are my own opinions and that I am NOT a financial adviser OR an accountant. So this post is for entertainment purposes only! (See my disclaimer below at bottom of page)

Now.. have a nice day..


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