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Sunday, December 9, 2012

#Exclusive: #Pensmore: #Illuminatti #hideout or just plain cool? My personal visit


My wild #idea to go on this little weekend #adventure came about after watching an episode of Jessie Ventura's Conspiracy Theories on the #Ozarks as a #future #hideout for #Illuminati #elite..

In the end it surpassed my expectation for #excitement lol

The area featured in the show happens to be only a couple of hours from where we live so.. I thought it might be a #fun day trip to go put eyes on it ourselves while pretending / #joking about being #investigative #reporters lol

Here's a #brief on the guy who owns the place..

And here a bit about the "house"..

And here.. finally ;) Is our adventure

Getting close to our destination..

I took this one to be "some sort of #omen" ;)

This next shot is simply to give a "feel" of the area we were in..

This is the first gate we encountered. We had just driven past what is apparently the main entrance to the #mountain (actually more literally a hill I #imagine.. ;)

We were turning around to get a closer look at the main gate because as we passed it we noticed it contained an unusual number of #signs so I wanted a shot (or 2(f)ew).

That's when the #weird little robotic (#security?) vehicle showed up..

I snapped a couple of shots of it & changed from Ancient Warrior to Ancient Chicken and decided to return to the safety of the car ;) [Last shot enlarged to show detail. Note the cool (#security?) headgear..]

A few hundred yards back up the hill in the direction from which we had come I had Mrs Warrior stop in the middle of the road so I could try to take a few shots of the "house" on the hill..

In this shot I wanted to show the access road on the left. The "house" is located behind that dark bare tree in the center of the pic. As you can see we were a fair distance from it here.

Here's a zoomed shot

And zoomed a bit more..

While absorbed in taking these shots I vaguely noticed Mrs Warrior seemed #anxious and was saying something like "they are coming, get back in the car". I was focused on getting these shots and subconsciencly thought she was likely talking about a car coming up the hill behind us and thought "well, they can just go around".

I did get back in the car and did not know until later in the day, on the way home, that she had been talking about the little robotic (#security) vehicle was chasing us up the hill!

My DEEPEST apologies for NOT getting a picture of that! I never even looked back or knew that was going on.

Still, not even understanding that was the case I had Mrs Warrior turn around to go back down the hill so I could get a better angle on the "house".

I did however get a few more shots from a better angle.

And again here is the same shot, unzoomed, to demonstrate distance if not #majesty..

After those shots we traveled around the circumference of the mountain / hill in search of small access roads that might offer me a few shots of the property from a little closer vantage point..

That portion of the trip ended up being the gate tour..

Apparently this guy owns the entire hill / mountain because every access road is gated and posted..

I'll leave it up to dear reader to decide if this is about an #elite #Illuminati #hideout or just the #plaything of some #rich guy ;)

Here's NBC's peek inside this monster building

If you ever happen to be in the area of Hilandville (population 911) be sure to check out Whacky Jack's grill and saloon Pretty good stuff ;)

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