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Thursday, October 25, 2012

CALL TO ACTION ! Dec. 21st The Most Awaited Day in History Approaches ! via @EmergentCulture


Help Make Dec. 21st, 2012
the Most Momentous Day in the History of the World !

The day we realize it is not about nations,
and the whole world is one.. oh, that will be the grandest of days”
~ Gandhi

December 21st 2012, one of the most awaited days in the history of the World is but a few weeks away. Some of you know that the misunderstood Mayan Calendar resets on that day. The misinformed have imbued Dec. 21st and the meaning of the Mayan Calendar reset with every sort of fantasy and misconception.

But a sober academic look at the subject reveals that the present day Maya people view the end of a cycle and the start of another as a time of renewal, restoration and celebration.[1,2]

That last statement is in accord with what the anthropological and archeological records have to say about how the ancient Maya viewed the end of one cycle and the start another.[1] As you read this article millions of people around the world are making preparations to observe and celebrate December 21st with themes of personal, collective and cultural renewal at the forefront.

The question about December 21st, 2012
is not — what’s going to happen — but rather,
What are we going to make happen ??

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