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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dumbing Down Society

I found this article especially interesting because it 'fits' with one of my 'conspiracy theories'...

You see I have this sneaking suspicion that the oligarchy WANTS Americans to be as 'unhealthy' as possible solely because that is what pumps money into the health care system the fastest... poor health...

And what better way to make sure a 'sufficient number' of Americans are unhealthy than to fill their food and drinks and drugs with chemicals which make them unhealthy???

You see one of *my* conspiracies is that the health care industry is the LARGEST bubble of them all... Easily larger than the financial bubble..

Could it be, perhaps, just another of the experiments by the elites that seems to have gotten out of hand?

So check this article out and see what you think...

Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds


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